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8 Reasons You Should Be Cleaning Your Upholstery

Published by 911 Restoration Suffolk County on April 1, 2022 in category: Uncategorized

why you should clean upholstered materialThere are upholstered materials all over your house. On your couches, on cushions, bed frames, chairs, and more. Did you know that upholstery is also one of the dirtiest parts of your furniture? Most people clean their upholstery very rarely, if ever, and allow it to collect dirt, oil, dust, and harmful bacteria.

If you find yourself wondering whether or not you should be cleaning upholstered material around your house, the answer is yes! You should look into cleaning any upholstery in your home, and you might be surprised to find out just how dirty it can really be.


Reasons for Cleaning Upholstered Material 

Most people do not clean the upholstery in their homes because they do not realize just how hazardous it can be. While others are not sure how to go about the cleaning process for other people. Regardless, you must clean upholstered material on time. Here are some reasons for cleaning upholstery: 

     1. To Prevent Health Risks

A buildup of dust, dirt, pollen, mites, pet hair, and other impurities can cause different allergic reactions in many people. The folds and crevices in upholstered furniture are the perfect places to build up all of these impurities. You wouldn’t want to get a sneezing fit every time you sit on your couch or lie against one of the cushions, would you? You should clean your upholstery to avoid health risks like respiratory problems. 

     2. In Case of Stains and Poor Appearance

If you spill a drink on a chair or your dog brings in dirt from the backyard onto the couch, you’ll be faced with some unappealing and nasty stains. It is difficult to always avoid spilling things or getting things dirty, and you inevitably end up with stains on the upholstery. This leads to your furniture appearing dirty and worn. With regular cleaning, you can avoid any stains and keep the upholstered furniture looking pristine and blemish-free. 

      3. In Case There Is a Bad Odor 

If your couch has been around for a few years and has never been cleaned, there is bound to be a bad odor coming off of it. Similarly, other upholstered furniture might smell bad from never being cleaned. You can use a deodorizing spray, but that will only work so well. There is no way to completely remove bad odors except by washing and cleaning upholstered materials. 

      4. After Fire and Smoke Damage

If there was a fire in your house recently, you must clean all upholstered material before you touch it. Not only can there be scorch marks and burns, but there can also be soot and smoke damage, which can cause health problems. Fire-damaged upholstery should either be cleaned thoroughly or replaced to be on the safe side. 

      5. After Water Damage

If water-damaged upholstery is not adequately cleaned and dried out, it can start to grow mold and mildew. This is a significant cause for concern because mold and mildew both cause extreme health risks and can spread quickly to other parts of your home. If left untreated, mold especially can be very dangerous and cause respiratory problems. 

      6. To Improve Air Quality in the Room

Ideally, the air quality in your house should be much better than the air you breathe elsewhere. You should not have to worry about pollution, dust, mold, and other impurities in the air when you are at home and relaxing. Most of the time, people will keep the rest of their homes very clean but forget all about the upholstery! Upholstered material that is not cleaned can lower the air quality in the room. 

      7. To Keep Your Furniture Lasting Longer

Furniture is an expensive investment, and you don’t want it to start looking worn, smelling bad, and deteriorating after just a few months or a year of use. IF you don’t clean the upholstery on your furniture, you might have to replace the furniture prematurely, costing a lot of money and inconvenience. 

     8. To Increase the Overall Comfort of Your Home 

Lastly, you should clean all upholstered material in your home to increase the overall level of comfort and cleanliness. Nobody wants to come home after a long day of work and settle in on an armchair that smells bad or has gross stains on it. No guests would feel comfortable visiting your home either. The cleaner your furniture is, the more comfortable everyone will feel. 


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